Our Services


As professional tree surgeons we provide a comprehensive range of services including:


crown-reductions-thinning-liftingCrown Thinning – Removing some of the secondary branches within the tree to lighten the crown, reduce its weight and keep the crown less dense.

Crown Raising (Crown Lifting) – This is done to by removing the lower branches to allow access under the tree crown for footpaths and roads but also to allow light to pass under the crown.

Crown Reduction – This service is carried out to reduce the tree’s overall crown size, the main objective is to keep the trees natural shape but reduce the weight and size.

Crown Cleaning or Deadwooding – This service involves removing the dead or diseased wood from the tree to aid its growth and help reduce further disease.

Pollarding – We pollard trees which have either outgrown their allotted space or have become unsafe due to irregular branch growth. When a tree is pollarded it usually stimulates vigorous stem growth.

Felling/Dismantling – In some cases either due to disease, storm damage or simply a customers demand a tree may require felling, we can fell a tree controlling the direction of fall. We may also need to dismantle the tree in sections if felling is not an option. This may require the use of lowering techniques to prevent targets on the ground becoming damaged.

Stump Grinding – By using a stump grinder we can grind the stump to approx. 8 or 9 inches below the level of the ground. This is far easier and in some cases the only option when a stump is not wanted.

Target Pruning – We carry out target pruning as a means of creating clearance between the tree and target close by either a house, a street lamp or road sign.

Hedge Work – We can carry out hedge reductions or regular trims to keep a desired shape or size.

Tree Preservation Orders (T.P.O.) and Conservation Areas – We often deal with trees which have TPO’s listed against them. We can act as an agent and carry out all the paperwork and site meetings with local authorities in order to have permission granted legally to begin work.

Site Clearance – We have the tools, the vehicles and the man power to clear any type of site from a garden to a woodland.

Statutory Highways Clearance – Landowners have a statutory obligation to maintain a clearance of a minimum of 5.2m over highways and 2.5m over footpaths. We can safely carry out highways clearance work on your behalf